Revealing the concept of the kits of 4 famous nations in the Euro 2024 football competition

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  • Get to know the concept behind the most beautiful competition uniforms from 4 countries.
  • Belgium national team The shirt was inspired by a famous cartoon.
  • The Danish national team used the names of all the clubs in the country as the concept for their shirts.
Revealing the concept of the kits of 4 famous nations in the Euro 2024 football competition

The European Football Championship, or Euro 2024, has already begun. This year, Germany has the right to host the competition.

However, apart from the fierce competition on the field. There is another thing that is equally beautiful, that is, ” football shirts “. Currently, the competition uniforms have been developed so that in addition to being able to be worn for sports. They can also be worn as modern fashion too.

Today, would like to take you all to see the concepts of the competition shirts of 4 countries that we have selected for you all to see the beauty here.

Iron Eagle

“ New shades, new approaches ” Football is always changing. The host is the German national team. He himself is developing the football industry in his own country. Doing new things, including playing methods, styles, or various values ​​that are being pushed further. One of them is the away kit, pink with shades of purple. which is a shade rarely seen in German kits. This is done in order to connect with the new generation in both the physical and digital worlds. Erase the memory of your racing uniform. Iron Eagle Army that is fierce. Emphasizing black and white tones Change to new more accessible shades

The Red Devils of Europe

Most often, the design of the away kits uses important national symbols such as the flag, colours or a slogan. But the Belgium national team has done something different by using the cartoon character “ Tintin ” as the design idea for the blue shirt and brown shorts for the away kit. It is a new way to see Tintin having an adventure in the world of football.

White Foi Thong

Portugal’s national team has built on its cultural capital in a country that has produced two Pritzker Prize winners (Cisa Vieira and Suto Moura), providing a good base for designing a kit that delivers the feeling of ” Passion Always Plays at Home “, or the beauty and charm of playing at home every time. Their away kit is designed in a white color scheme and features the country’s iconic architectural tiles.

Red and white dairy cow

The success of football is not only the players themselves. But also the foundation of football in a country and the fans who support it. So much so that there is a saying that “The 12th player is the supporter ”. Denmark is a country that takes this seriously, and this year’s kit features the ทางเข้า ufabet names of all 1,535 clubs in the country printed on the shirts.

In a nod to the true roots of football, Denmark’s home kit by manufacturer Hummel is another team that speaks volumes through their kits. For example, their Euro 2020 kit was designed using the sounds of 38,000 fans singing the national anthem and turning them into a sound wave pattern on the shirt.

In addition to the 4 teams from 24 nations competing in the final round. Each team has developed designs in terms of beauty and meaning. What’s interesting is that nowadays every country has made their kits fashionable. and more easily accessible even if you are not a football fan Which means that “football” is more of a sport for everyone.

For the next match schedule for all 4 countries, the German national team will meet with the Hungarian national team. at the MH Arena on June 19 at 11:00 p.m., while the Belgian national team duels with the Romanian national team at the Rhein Energie Stadion on June 23 at 2:00 a.m. Come to the side of The Portuguese national team meets the Turkish national team at the Red Bull Arena (Leipzig) on ​​June 19 at 2:00 a.m. and finally, the Denmark national team will duel with the English national team. at the Waldstadion (Frankfurt) June 20 at 11:00 p.m. (Thailand time)