Koeman revealed that the team played more as a team than before.

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Even though, Lionel Messi has been a key player for Barcelona for many years. He has achieved a lot of success but due to financial problems. Barcelona decided to part ways with Lionel Me Ssi immediately. He could not extend the contract plus. The latest Paris Saint-Germain decided to bring Lionel Messi to join the team already without a fee. Although, Ronald Koeman wanted to Lionel Messi stays at Barcelona but is ready to continue with the squad

And the opening match was Barcelona, ​​having beaten Real Sociedad with no difficulty, which Ronald Koeman admired for the team that they can play as a team even more to want Leo. Neil Messi stays with the team, Ronald Koeman said in an interview: “We play more as a team, although I want Lionel Messi to stay within the team, but if we Without Lionel Messi, the players in the squad are still the same team and Memphis Depay has made a satisfying performance from the first game on the ufabet pitch.

“And another person who has done a great job is Martin Braithwaite, who has scored two goals, which he is an example of professionalism because he always gives everything for the team. Gerard Pique is physically much stronger, most importantly, his attitude is a good example for an experienced player. “Barcelona must visit Athletic Bilbao in the second match of The Spanish La Liga