Lukaku bids farewell to Inter Milan

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With a disappointing performance at Manchester United. Romelu Lukaku has decided to leave the team to bring back good form. It is Inter Milan who have paid up to 74 million pounds for Romelu Lu. Kaku joined the club. Romelu Lukaku has enjoyed outstanding performances during his two years at Inter. He played a key role in helping Inter win the Scudetto. Before Romelu Lukaku has received a lot of interest from Chelsea are looking for a new striker to join the team.

Although, Inter will insist in a strong voice that they do not want to let Romelu Lukaku leave the team. Chelsea have submitted is up to 98 million pounds. Milan accepted the offer. that Chelsea immediately submitted, plus the latest Romelu Lukaku is preparing to make his official debut with Chelsea, which Romelu Lukaku thanked Inter Milan for the opportunity given and said goodbye to Inter Milan completed by Romelu Lukaku posted via Twitter that

“To the fans of Inter Milan, I must thank you for all the love you have given me and make me feel at home and thanks to all the support you have given me since the first day I arrived at Inter. Always gave my best whether on the training ground or on the pitch and we were able to win trophies together. The big opportunity for me has come and that is to move to Chelsea and I hope all the fans will. Understand, but even though I’m not at Inter Milan, this club will always be in my heart.