How to drink “coconut water” to get the most benefits

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Skin care enriched with vitamins help refresh Is the general benefit of “coconut water” that we are familiar with Of course, this natural drink. There are many great properties. But recently There has been an interesting story on social media. Of husband-wife couples referring to one of the properties of coconut water related to the subject “Sex Performance”

And as soon as coconut water was drawn about the topic that people were most interested in, The news that followed was that coconuts sold like hot cakes. And also cause doubts to many people, not least that coconut water is really a problem There will be properties that help increase male power. Is it really possible to give fitness and be ready to wear every battle? and how to drink to get the most benefit Isn’t it a penalty for the body?

How to drink "coconut water" to get the most benefits

Coconut water with benefits for enhancing sexual performance

Dr. Panuwat Putcharoen, an expert in anti-aging and rehabilitation medicine, Institute for Pain Treatment and Strengthening (Fix & Fit), Praram 9 Hospital, stated that the results of the study on coconut water associated with increasing sexual performance. the closest It would be the result of a study in “laboratory rats” that were studied by allowing the smallest person to drink coconut water. one month in a row and the results showed that Lab rats had elevated levels of various hormones. including testosterone and have higher breeding efficiency It is possible that these results could also be seen in humans.

But before hurrying to stock up on coconut water We must first understand that The results of this study were experiments using unprocessed young coconut water. and experimented by Let rats drink 50-100 CC of coconut water per 1 kg of body weight per day. If it’s human, it’s comparable to drinking 3-5 liters of coconut water per day.

Coconut water and drinking precautions

Drinking 3-5 liters of coconut water a day to help enhance sexual performance. This may not sound like a big deal compared to the acquisition of testosterone. But do not forget that in coconut water Both are high in sugar. And also has a very high potassium value as well which amount of coconut water drink for people That is, should not exceed two children per day, or about 500 CC, that means If we were to try drinking coconut water every day like a lab rat That means we have to drink at least 6 times the recommended amount.

In addition, there is no guarantee that sexual performance will increase as well. but what we will definitely get is the blood sugar and potassium values. That will be higher until it is dangerous to the body for sure

Dr. Panuwat gave information that “Coconut water contains many nutrients such as sugar, free amino acids, trophic factors that stimulate cell repair. and also mineral salts That is useful to help provide energy, nourish the body, including helping people who are sick or injured. able to recover faster.”

How to drink “coconut water” to get the most benefits UFABET

Normally, if the body can benefit fully. Coconut water should be drunk on an empty stomach, drink in the evening or before bedtime. Because it will help the trophic factor and amino acids nourish the body cells well during sleep. And it also helps to sleep better. But because coconut water has a lot of sugar and potassium. Therefore, the elderly, patients with diabetes , cardiovascular disease So be careful when drinking well.

other fruit That is useful for enhancing sexual performance like coconut

Fruits that are high in vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, mulberries or berries. Will increase the quality of sperm, while avocados are high in B vitamins. and folic acid That helps with the maintenance of hormone levels for watermelon contains citrulline. increase arginine which makes the blood vessels expand better And affects the erection of the penis. There are also pomegranates that contain substances that help blood flow better. affects the genitals as well