Adding is not on point! “Henry” believes “Messi” is not yet the answer to PSG.

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Thierry Henry, former Barcelona teammate commented that Lionel Messi is not the answer to PSG

Credit: Paris Saint-Germain Facebook Page

Ex-Barcelona team-mate Thierry Henry says even the superhuman Lionel Messi cannot solve PSG’s problems.

french legend It is believed that the French giants must find a balance of teams. And improve the defensive line if they hope to win the Ligue 1 again.

Messi, 34, has signed a two-year contract with PSG with the option to extend for an additional year, earning £650,000-a-week, over the course of his two-year contract. Tired worth up to 54 million pounds

The 44-year-old ex-Arsenal star told Dimanche Soir Foot: “People are always talking about great players in the attacking line. advance for the team to score But for a team to be successful there has to be a balance.”

“We were talking about the team when I was playing at Barca. But people didn’t care to see that we didn’t concede much goals. in general The team that doesn’t concede a lot of goals will be the ones who are contending for the championship.”

“When you have really great players. It will make their job a little easier. But when I see what Paris is developing now, they have a terrible attacking line. But they conceded too many goals for the team to be champions.”

“It is true that they are out of balance. Balance in the team is the most important thing.”

With the arrival of Messi, fans are excited to see the Spanish forward’s trio. That consists of Neymar, Mbappe and Messi, but the above-mentioned trio may not occur. With news that Real Madrid are confident they can close a deal to sign Mbappe for a fee of 100 million pounds, there are also reports that the 22-year-old does not want to play with Messi. teeth ufabet