Hasenhuttl reveals Southampton has no time to relax

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Southampton’s Austrian manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has warned his players they do not have time to relax with their poor standings and need to regain their form as soon as possible.

As you know, Southampton are a regular team in the English Premier League and are ready to cut points from the big teams regularly. But losing many key players from the team has made Southampton’s performance start to deteriorate clearly until Now dropped to the bottom of the table already. Risking falling into the relegation area as well. So far, the points lead to 18th team Burnley by 6 points but down. 2 more stadiums than Burnley

Although Southampton previously performed very well with three wins out of four. But after a knock-out defeat at Norwich City. They still haven’t been able to win a single match in all of their games. Seven games and Southampton are set to face West Ham United in the next match, with Ralph Hasenhuttl warning his players there is no time to relax and the need to regain their form as quickly as possible. to salvage Southampton’s dire situation

“All the managers in the English Premier League are under intense pressure and we are at that point too and there is no time to relax and we know this season is not an easy one. But we need to fight hard with the remaining matches and the first thing for us is the upcoming matches where our main goal is to get as many 3 points as possible.