Spurs have turned down an offer from Ajax for Bergwijn.

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Tottenham have turned down an unsatisfactory offer from Ajax Amsterdam for Stephen Bergwijn and want more if they want to. Stephen Bergwijn joins the UFABET team

Honestly, since Stephen Bergwijn arrived. Tottenham Hotspur has not been the mainstay despite having a satisfactory performance. Scoring goals continuously and changing managers. Too frequent teams have an impact on players playing opportunities. Stephen Bergwijn one of the hardest hit, especially during Antonio Conte’s era. This is down to sit as a full backup. Plus a sign of parting with Tottenham Hotspur as well.

With Tottenham Hotspur had no problem letting Stephen Bergwijn leave the team. Just received a favorable offer and it was Ajax Amsterdam who wanted Stie. Fen-Bergwijn joined the team to strengthen the offensive game in the situation that is vying for the title with PSV Eindhoven, and recently, Ajax Amsterdam has made an offer of 15 million pounds. Let Tottenham Hotspur consider it already in hopes of drawing Stephen Bergwijn to join the team immediately.

But it was Tottenham Hotspur who quickly turned down an offer as £15million was not enough for Stephen Bergwijn to join Ajax. Amsterdam is still not giving up and ready to increase the price immediately because they want to bring Stephen Bergwijn to join the team in the January transfer market, plus Stephen Bergwijn wants to move the team as well for the opportunity. Continuously enter the field