Rooney reveals Man Utd will return to greatness in difficult times

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Derby County’s England manager Wayne Rooney has revealed Manchester United are having a difficult time. But It is confident Manchester United will return to their best.

After winning the English Premier League in 2013. Manchester United never seemed to come close to winning the English Premier League. In 2017 was the last year Manchester United won the title. Having ended the season empty-handed for several years in a row to reach the finals in the Europa League. But ultimately lost to the underdog Villarreal. Disappointingly despite being the one should have kept the win can come.

Continuing to the 2021/22 season, Manchester United‘s performance is very disappointing. Because they almost run out of trophies so quickly even though only half of the season has passed. Whether it’s the Carabao Cup that waved goodbye like Fast. It be an FA ยูฟ่าเบท Cup battle that hit Middlesbrough? Knocked out in the English Premier League. There is almost no hope of winning the championship with a lot of points behind the No 1 team. Such as Manchester City, while in the UEFA Champions League. There is a big bone like Atletico Madrid.

Wayne Rooney admits Manchester United are in a difficult time as in the past. But Manchester United will return to the top of the line with Wayne Rooney. Interviewed If you go back to 2011 when Manchester United had to part ways with Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Manchester United had to face a period. Hard times immediately but after that we came back to do a great job again and were able to win the trophy which I am confident that Manchester United will be back in the same place again. time “