Wood was delighted to score a goal.

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Newcastle United forward Chris Wood is delighted to score a goal for Newcastle United. In their latest game against Southampton, helping Newcastle United to victory. as well

Newcastle United decided to bring Chris Wood from Burnley to join the UFABET team in hopes. That the team’s attacking game will be much better than before. But Chris Wood’s performance seems less. How satisfying it was with his involvement in very few goals and not being able to score at all. Although Eddie Howe gave Chris Wood the opportunity to play continuously and in the latest match against Newcastle United. Southampton was once again Chris Wood given the opportunity to start the field.

Although Southampton took the lead from Stewart Armstrong. It was Chris Wood who equalized and in the 52nd minute it was Bruno Guimares who helped Newcastle. United’s comeback win over Southampton and their chances of staying in the English Premier League are so high that Chris Wood was delighted to score for Newcastle United after a long wait. For several weeks, Chris Wood said in an interview.

“Scoring for Newcastle United has been fantastic for me and personally I hope to score more goals until the end of the season but I have to admit that away to Southampton was not an easy task. It was a bit of a strong team at home, but we worked hard and managed to get the win.”